Helping Inventors Since 1976

Docie Invention & Patent Services has over 40 years in the business of helping inventors. Docie Marketing is one of the most experienced service providers for inventors and patent holders. Docie Marketing was founded by its current president, Ronald Docie, Sr. Mr. Docie has a rich history of successful inventing, championing the rights of independent inventors, and he wrote a highly acclaimed book, The Inventor’s Bible, published by Penguin Random House.

Docie Invention & Patent Services provides a full range of reliable services to help inventors. This website contains a wealth of useful information for inventors, both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, and for inventor’s service providers, patent attorneys and agents, and manufacturers.
What sets us apart?

  • Docie Marketing has over 40 years of experience operating under the same name.
  • Founded by a successful inventor with new products found in K-Mart, Wal*Mart and around the World.
  • Docie Marketing’s president, Ronald Docie, Sr., is a Who’s Who in this industry, advocate for Inventors’ rights, author of highly acclaimed book, The Inventor’s Bible, and three-term past president of Ohio Inventor’s Association.