About Docie Invention & Patent Services

When Ron Docie started to promote his first invention in 1976, he did so under the business name, Docie Marketing. Docie Marketing’s primary business always has been to help inventors and invention based companies. Docie Marketing incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1992 under the name, Hopewell Cooperative, Inc., named after the indigenous Indians of south central Ohio.

Docie Marketing’s sole business interest is, and always has been, to serve the best interest of inventors. The NIFC Good Guy website is an independent website maintained by a prestigious law firm that carefully screens service providers to inventors and differentiates between those with a model that is NOT in the inventor’s best interest, and those that provide legitimate services. Ron Docie is pleased to be featured on the NIFC Good Guys site list of approved service providers to inventors.

Athens is the home of Ohio University, Mr. Docie’s alma mater. It is sixty miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Docie Marketing likes to limit its work to a few clients at any one time, and has maintained this policy in order to provide a more customized service.

Docie Marketing is NOT a law firm, and is not licensed to practice at the US Patent Office.