Trade Shows

Our special trade show service is one of the best values in this industry. No matter what your stage of invention development, trade shows may be extremely effective. Your invention needs NOT be fully developed or disclosed to others to get great mileage from a trade show. Trade shows are appropriate and recommended in most circumstances. Trade shows save time and money! A great amount of the services offered by Docie Marketing may be accomplished at a trade show, saving time and expenses.

What is a Trade Show?

This is where all the major manufactures meet to show their new products and do business with distributors and retailers from throughout the World.

Why Attend a Trade Show?

Learn which companies can manufacture and market your invention, and which are best. Meet personally with the key executives, the presidents, vice presidents and marketing personnel. We must please emphasize, YOU DO NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO REVEAL YOUR INVENTION IN ORDER TO GET GREAT MILEAGE FROM A TRADE SHOW! You can learn a lot about your aspect of this industry, and pre-determine appropriate contacts for later communication, all in one spot and at one time. This saves valuable time, and it saves you money.

Each year Docie Marketing offers a special trade show contract for accepted inventions. We normally represent 6 to 12 inventions at the show. We are ‘attendees’ which means we walk through the show seeking appropriate companies, only visiting with selected ones.

Much of the Phase work outlined on the Docie Marketing page can be accomplished at a trade show, thus saving time and expenses.

The staff of Docie Marketing routinely attends certain key industry trade shows annually. These include:

  • International Housewares Show – McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois – March
  • National Hardware Show® and Lawn and Garden Expo – Las Vegas, Nevada – May
  • Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo – Las Vegas, Nevada – October/November

Docie Marketing has also attended the Consumer Electronics Show, the Design Engineering and Pack Expo, the Sports Show, SAE conferences, several medical, dental and biotechnology meetings and many others.

Docie Marketing will attend trade shows under contract for a client when deemed appropriate.

Please contact Docie Marketing directly if you have any questions. Phone: 740 594-5200.

Learn more details about Trade Shows and how to make industry contacts work for you!